Any% with Warps

RTA Time Name Version Date Video Link
1:41:38 Lee Snes9x 1.51 May 27th 2013



Carl Sagan SNES USA August 2011 youtube
1:52:23 Blkyoshi SNES USA August 2012 TwitchTV
1:53:41 Lee SNES USA May 2012
1:53:48 Zewing Snes9x 1.51 June 2012
1:54:02 Blechy Snes9x 1.51 Early 2012
1:56:01 IqUnlimited SNES USA May 2012 jtv
2:03:26 Nxcy Snes9x 1.51 March 2012
2:08:42 Wawlconut Snes9x 1.53 April 5th 2012 jtv

Any% Warpless

Japanese RTA Time Name Version Date Video Link
1:49:07 Carl Sagan SFC Japan June 2012 youtube
1:49:47 My Japan August 2012 Nico Community
1:49:54 Ebance Japan May 2012 ustream
1:51:11 Kufurou Japan November 2011

No Video Known

1:51:37 Zewing SFC Japan August 2012

100% Warpless

Japanese RTA Time Name Version Date Video Link


Japan August 2012
2:47:40 Carl Sagan USA August 2012 Youtube
2:47:57 Zewing SFC Japan September 2012 [Twitch]
2:49:57 Trihex SFC Japan August 2012 Twitch p1
2:51:42 Leo Japan July 2012 Nico p1
2:51:XX Nana Japan August 2012
2:58:35 Kufurou Japan May 2012

Notes on Timing

  • SDA (speed demos archive)timing starts upon gaining control of Yoshi, and ends at the Bowser Explosion for any%. For 100%, timing likely ends as Yoshi hits the final goal ring.
  • Japanese RTA timing starts when selecting New File, and ends after the final Kamek text scroll (last input) for any%, or when "100" shows on the world map for the final level in 100%.
  • It takes approximately 39 seconds to do the intro on the Japanese version (new file to gain control after all dialogue), and 43 seconds on the English version.
  • The Japanese version is a bit faster than the English versions due to faster text scrolling in dialogues and possibly (?) level transitions, however this is hard to quantify beyond the intro because the dialogue and level transitions are so spread out.
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