Lua Game Modes is a lua script made for Yoshi's Island for Snes9x rerecording. It offers several different game modifications and is often used in racing.

The script is a work in progress by user:Arnethegreat

Newest version can always be found at

How To Use

To use the lua script you need the rerecording version of Snes9x that has lua support. Recommended version is the 1.51 svn 147 version but most others should work fine.

Secondly you need to download the script and save it as a .lua (or copy paste it in notepad and save as .lua)

To use the script, first load your Yoshi's Island ROM (U 1.0 is recommended but most should work) and then go to File -> Lua Scripting and choose the .lua file and press run. If it displays text in output console, it is running.


To change game modes and other options, you need to edit the script itself. You can do so by pressing edit when you have loaded the script in emulator.

Enabling and disabling options are usually done by replacing false with true or vice versa. Some options are changed through numbers instead.

For further details of each option, look at Game Modes section.

The Game Modes

This section explains each option and game mode separately. Level Blitz

Bugs / Issues

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