1-1: Make Eggs, Throw Eggs1-2: Watch Out Below!1-3: The Cave of Chomp Rock
1-4: Burt the Bashful's Fort1-5: Hop! Hop! Donut Lifts1-6: Shy-Guys On Stilts
1-7: Touch Fuzzy Get Dizzy1-8: Salvo the Slime's Castle1-E: Poochy Ain't Stupid
2-1: Visit Koopa and Para-Koopa2-2: The Baseball Boys2-3: What's Gusty Taste Like
2-4: Bigger Boo's Fort2-5: Watch Out For Lakitu!2-6: The Cave of the Mystery Maze
2-7: Lakitu's Wall2-8: The Potted Ghost's Castle2-E: Hit That Switch!!
3-1: Welcome to Monkey Island3-2: Jungle Rhythm . . .3-3: Nep-Enuts' Domain
3-4: Prince Froggy's Fort3-5: Jammin' Through The Trees3-6: The Cave Of Harry Hedgehog
3-7: Monkeys' Favorite Lake3-8: Naval Piranha's Castle3-E: More Monkey Madness
4-1: GO! GO! MARIO! !4-2: The Cave Of The Lakitus4-3: Don't Look Back!
4-4: Marching Milde's Fort4-5: Chomp Rock Zone4-6: Lake Shore Paradise
4-7: Ride Like The Wind4-7 Chicken Baxter4-8: Hookbill The Koopa's Castle
4-E: The Impossible? Maze5-1: BLIZZARD! ! !5-2: Ride The Sky Lifts
5-3: Danger, Icy Conditions Ahead!5-4: Sluggy The Unshaven's Fort5-5: Goonie Rides!
5-6: Welcome To Cloud World5-7: Shifting Platforms Ahead5-8: Raphael The Raven's Castle
5-E: Kamek's Revenge6-1: Scary Skeleton Goonies!6-2: The Cave Of The Bandits
6-3: Beware The Spinning Logs6-4: Tap-Tap The Red Nose's Fort6-5: The Very Loooooong Cave
6-6: The Deep, Underground Maze6-7: KEEP MOVING! ! ! !6-8: King Bowser's Castle
6-E: Castles - Masterpiece SetAdvanced TricksAny% (Glitched)
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