Yoshi's Island Speedrunning Wiki

Tonguing Eggs

Eggs can only be tongued after a certain small of amount of time has elapsed after throwing them, i.e. you cannot throw an egg and immediately tongue it. The general direction an egg moves when tongued is dependent entirely on Yoshi's speed and direction. If Yoshi is standing still, the egg will move towards Yoshi. If Yoshi is running to the right and tongues an egg, the egg will move with Yoshi to the right. The faster Yoshi is going, the faster the eggs can go. However, the position of Yoshi when the egg is tongued changes exactly how fast the egg will move.

  • If an egg is behind Yoshi when you tongue it, it will speed up to "try to catch up."
  • If an egg is in front of Yoshi when you tongue it, it will slow down to let you catch up.

Therefore, to produce the fastest moving eggs, you want to tongue an egg while moving as fast as possible when the egg is behind Yoshi.


500px|right First, eggs tongued when standing simply move towards Yoshi. Then, all the eggs in the room are tongued while Yoshi is still in front of them. This causes them to move forward, but slowly. Lastly, all of the eggs in the room are reset, and tongued again, this time while Yoshi has already passed them. They fly much much further. This is very relevant for achieving the Baxter Shot.

Juggling Eggs

500px|rightEggs can be tongued indefinitely, and since they follow Yoshi's movement more or less, they can be continuously juggled to follow Yoshi.

Baxter Shot

Named after the TASer Baxter, who discovered them, the Baxter Shot (Baxter, for short), is performed when an egg is tongued over the goal ring at the end of the level. If the egg flies far enough, the next Yoshi will pick up the egg, and it will be useful in subsequent levels.