This level has many tricks. First, the key can be tongued through the wall through use of the rock. When Yoshi jumps up into the rock, it forces him left or right. If Yoshi's tongue is out when this happens, the tongue will be forced through the wall, allowing Yoshi to tongue the key. The positioning for this is the most difficult part: in general, the right side of the rock should be just covering the keyhole, and Yoshi should be standing as shown in the picture below:
6-6 key

The inputs for this are to push right + tongue + jump and hold them down until the key has been moved closer to Yoshi. Then, walk a little bit to the left (pushing the rock) and retongue the key in order to tongue it through the wall.

The second section can be skipped by egging away enough foam to extended flutter onto and stand on. Then, a perfect flutter through the hole the key falls out of allows Yoshi to continue through the door to the end of the level.'


The key can be reached without using the rock by carefully positioning Yoshi's tongue through the wall with a little bit of momentum, true swag~

To get the key, run alongside the bottom and tongue then jump three frames later.  Hold left after jumping to adjust the way the key flies through the air.

Once the key is touching the wall stand back far and tongue once more to get the key. Standing too close will cause the key to bounce against the wall and fly back. A well executed rockless can save 8 seconds compared to a perfect rock attempt.


Rockless setup

Yoshi's Island Speed Run 6-6 any%

Yoshi's Island Speed Run 6-6 any%


Bonus Skip:

Push the rock to clear the tap-taps, then line up the screen as shown below.

6-6 Bonus Skip

6-6 Bonus Skip
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