A very hard level to do optimally. The ghost blocking the path at the beginning can be a bit tricky. Yoshi must be facing away from him like any mario ghost; however, if you turn around while still in the air he might fly up and towards Yoshi, which can make shyguys roll under him instead of killing him. Also the shyguys walk back and forth randomly, which can make it annoying.

The blob fight can seem very inconsistent, but if you position yourself correctly you can get him to always follow the same pattern. Refer to the video below, which requires entering the room with 4-5 eggs:


  1. Run all the way into the corner, so that he jumps right.
  2. As soon as he jumps right, position yourself so that an upward egg shot will hit the left side of him when he lands on the platform below. Time the egg shot so that it hits AFTER he lands on the platform, otherwise he will just change direction and land on the floor.
  3. Shift the camera upwards during his invulnerability period. As soon as he's vulnerable, shoot his left side with one more egg. When he starts jumping to the right, follow his path and unleash with a ravenous flurry of upward egg shots. You should be able to consistently finish him before he jumps back down onto the floor.

The second key/blob can be skipped using an extended flutter. Check out the video on that page.

The lava skip is very risky for a real run. Riding the log is only ~3-5 seconds slower. Speed the log up by standing on the left side of it, which will cause you to ride the waves.

Tap-tap can be killed by firing ~5 quick "neutral" egg shots (just spam shoot egg) without moving. Therefore, getting to him with sufficient eggs is important.


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